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First, Connect Your
Facebook Page.

Follow the steps in this video to connect your page to AmpLIFEied.com so that you can prepare to share fresh content.

Now You're Ready to Start
Sharing our Unique Content!

With just a few clicks you'll be able to post content to your page, no hassle, no headache.

Navigating the Daily Digest,
Freshly Curated Everyday!

Each day of the week enjoy hand picked content to share with your patients.

Take Your Posts a Step
Further with Scheduling.

You don't have to login everyday to share our attention grabbing content (not that we wouldn't recommend it!).

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Share Campaigns ™ make it easy to promote your favorite cause, institution or product.

It's about all the ways we connect your practice to your community.

Submit Your Own Posts

Get Published on AmpLIFEied!

Not only can you share our content, you can create and submit your own for others members of the AmpLIFEied community to enjoy and share!

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